best summer-themed movies, ranked

RANKED! The 7 Best Summer-Themed Movies

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Summer blockbusters are unavoidable, but once you’ve seen all the big-budget flicks in theaters, what are you going to watch? There’s another kind of epic summer movie and it takes place in summer. Storylines set during the most sweltering season of the year have a unique aura about them: those sun-kissed days, wondrous nights, and a built-in deadline for something amazing to happen before characters transition back to their routines or move on to the next stage of their lives (like heading off to college).

Summer-themed movies often find people who wouldn’t normally associate with one another thrown together at camp, vacation destinations, and family gatherings, creating a situation ripe for drama, comedy, and romance. These are just a handful of the awesome films depicting those magical summer months. Catch them now before summer’s just a memory.