Halloween vs. Christmas

Mandatory Holiday Battles: Halloween vs. Christmas

These days, both Halloween and Christmas have become more about the sum of their parts than the actual day. Halloween, in many people’s minds, starts in September and ends on Oct. 31, while Christmas, for a lot of people, begins the day after Thanksgiving and lasts well into January. That’s why they never take down their Christmas tree. They’re not being trashy; they’re being festive. Both holidays transform even the hardest-hearted among us into little kids again. Halloween has candy, costumes, and scary movies. (Did we mention the candy?) Christmas brings presents from Santa, pretty lights, and ham dinners. Let’s pit these two holidays against each other and see which one is better!

Cover Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Halloween is, without a doubt, the best holiday of the year. Sorry, Christmas fans. You can have your Hallmark movies and family dinners where everybody pretends that they don’t actually hate each other. Give us leaves, pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins any day.

Overall Winner: Halloween


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