What Your Favorite ‘Succession’ Character Says About You

By now, you’ve surely seen Succession on HBO. (And if you haven’t, WTF are you waiting for?!) The Emmy award-winning satirical drama, now in its fourth and final season, centers around the Roy family, which owns a media conglomerate headed by domineering patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox). But as Logan ages and his health wanes, his wife, adult children, and longtime colleagues start battling it out to see who will take control of the family business.

Every character on Succession is meticulously written and superbly acted. There are no cookie-cutter archetypes here but rather fully fleshed-out, hilariously flawed, and complex human beings. As a viewer, you can’t help but love some, hate others, and gravitate toward one particular person who resonates with you. Why is that? Well, we’ve done the psychoanalysis for you and will clue you in. Here’s what your favorite Succession character says about you!


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