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Mandatory Man: Jeff Bridges Uses Health Update to Uplift Others

The Dude abides. Almost two months after revealing his lymphoma diagnosis, actor Jeff Bridges has shared an update on Instagram about his health. The pic shows The Big Lebowski star bald but smiling, with a furry new best friend on his lap.


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A post shared by Jeff Bridges (@thejeffbridges)

The bulleted caption reads:

Here’s the latest:

•Feeling good

• Shaved my head

• Got a puppy – Monty

• Had a Birthday – 71, man

A link in his bio directs fans to a page on his website – kind of like an artsy blog. “Well…here’s the next batch of what I want to point out,” reads the loopy text. “Music – we need it, man & all our musicians are having a hell of a time making a living these days w/ the COVID deal.” So Bridges shares music by his friend John Goodwin, plus PayPal and Venmo links.

Next, Bridges sheds light on Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers. “O, man, Bern. Gotta dig what he was up to & what he caused to happen.” There are links to videos of the late Zen Buddhist roshi and one of his quotes: “When we see the world as one body, it’s obvious that we heal everyone at the same time that we heal ourselves, for there are no ‘others.’”

Then Bridges highlights a commercial “of sorts” that he did for No Kid Hungry. “The health of our children can serve as a compass, letting us know if we’re on course or not — we’re off course,” he writes.

The playful multimedia post concludes with a graphic of a surfer riding a wave beneath the word “Cowabunga.”

“And, this…well…just because it’s such a great reminder how wonderful life can be,” Bridges writes. “Be love.”

Maintaining a positive attitude despite the shitshow that has been 2020 – and in the face of cancer? Now that’s true grit we can get behind.

Cover Photo: Instagram

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