Ranked! NFL Teams With the Drunkest Fans

Photo: Icon Sportswire (Getty Images)

Even with the COVID still impacting our every day lives, many of us are doing our best to return to some semblance of normalcy. This includes attending sporting events. And, with the NFL regular season only a few weeks from its start, tailgating season is just around the corner. This means parking lots from Los Angeles to Jacksonville will be filled with rowdy football fans eating grilled meats, throwing footballs, and chugging beers and shots of Fireball. This makes us wonder which NFL city is actually the drunkest.

Lucky for us, SportsHandle ranked the NFL’s “booziest and biggest drinkers”. They surveyed over 2,000 NFL fans over the age of 21 to find out which city would wear the crown of drunk of the year. They looked at the average number of drinks imbibed as well as the overall cost.

People boozing in parking lots in rust belt cities might be surprised by the winner. The top spot went to Cincinnati. Apparently, boozy Bengals fans average 5.2 drinks per game. Only four years ago, the Bengals fans were sitting slightly sober at 16th, but a rebuild and years of not making the playoffs tend to make fans thirst for the hard stuff.

We’ll get to the rest of the top ten, but you’re probably wondering who the most sober team in the NFL is. Well, sitting at 32nd with an average of only 2.6 drinks per game are the San Francisco 49ers fans. We can only assume they’re drinking some fancy Napa Valley wine and they don’t want to overindulge. Keep scrolling below to see the top ten drunkest fans in the NFL in all their Gif-based glory.


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