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Honest Movie Reviews: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Is ‘Get Out’ for White People

In the latest edition of Honest Movie Reviews, we’re pulling together the funniest audience movie reviews on the internet. From laughable to ironic, truthful to the downright silly, we’re diving into the deep, dark rabbit hole of online movie fandom. Today, we turn our attention to Don’t Worry Darling.

As if the premise of Don’t Worry Darling wasn’t dramatic enough (a 1950s housewife suspects her perfect desert community isn’t as idyllic as it seems and attempts to escape its grip), the cast of the psychological thriller has generated enough drama offscreen to make a whole other film.

That drama has included: the departure of Shia LaBeouf from the lead male role, which was usurped by Harry Styles, who then proceeded to date Olivia Wilde, who said she fired LaBeouf in order to protect lead female star Florence Pugh, who has since insinuated she doesn’t need any damn defending.

All the gossip surrounding the film came to a head at the Venice Film Festival, where the cast converged to premiere the flick. In perhaps the most bizarre development thus far, a now-viral video appears to show Styles spitting on co-star Chris Pine.

Unfortunately for movie fans, the actual film is less entertaining than the real-life drama surrounding it. In fact, you may as well just watch that spitting video on a loop because it’ll be less of a waste of your time.

Naturally, users on the platform have something to say about the movie. Without further ado, here are the best honest movie reviews for Don’t Worry Darling.

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