8 Phenomenal Women We Want to Celebrate This International Women’s Day

Why is it that history has long impeded the equality of women? (Also, why is International Women’s Day only once a year instead of every Tuesday and Thursday?) For starters, they’re smarter than us. Better looking too. And they always seem to beat us at Scrabble. Yet, believe it or not, last year the US ranked a lousy 30th on the list of most gender-equal countries in the world.

We can do better.

Of course, the perfect jumping-off point is to celebrate the women in our lives. Not just today but every day (and twice on Sundays). However, seeing as it’s International Women’s Day, let us widen our scope just a little to spotlight eight brilliant women from around the world who are undeniably phenomenal.

From founders to scientists to social justice advocates, the women on this list of movers and shakers inspire us to be better human beings. Period. They effortlessly raise the bar on grace, wisdom, and courage all the while redefining what it means to be badass.

While you may recognize a few of these lionhearted ladies, most of them are not household names. But for the work they do and the legacies they will one day leave behind, they deserve far more recognition. So today on International Women’s Day (and every day), let us doff our hats to all the great women who make this world a better place. Starting now.

Cover Photo: Anna Malaika Tubbs


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