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Brews News: Marathon Runner Creates Ingenious Athletes Beer

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There’s a reason the term “beer belly” exists. If you spend more time on your couch than your treadmill while downing beer after beer (usually accompanied by deliciously unhealthy food), you’re going to end up with a beer gut. But even active people like their beer, so what’s a guy to do? Or more like gal.

Shelley Smith isn’t just a marathon runner and beer enthusiast, she’s also the manager of research & product development at The Boston Beer Company. She fused her two passions into one clever, healthier innovation: Marathon Brewing, beer for athletes. That has “Nobel Prize” written all over it.

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Photo: The Boston Beer Company

The first beer from the new offshoot is the 26.2 Brew. Named for the number of miles in the Boston Marathon, the hazy beer was created for athletes to enjoy after a race, big game, or rough workout. The 4-percent ABV ale was brewed using Himalayan sea salt and coriander but has only 9 grams of carbs and sits at an easy-to-swallow 120 calories.

“As someone who loves beer and running, having the opportunity to brew a beer that helps runners celebrate their hard work was a passion project for me,” Smith said in a press release. “While most brewers are stripping flavor to hit a certain calorie mark, we focused on brewing a beer that not only fit what runners were looking for but also delivered a great taste.”

This isn’t the first beer created for health-conscious drinkers. Here are some of the other “healthy” beers on the market. Drink responsibly (ie. try not to invent “marathon drinking” in the process).

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