Tinder competition

11 Kinds of Guys You’re Competing With On Tinder (And Why Women Love Them More)

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not all of them are worthy of the coveted swipe right on Tinder. As unique, articulate, and handsome though you may be, competition is stiff on the dating app. Maybe you’ve posted your best profile pic, composed a witty bio, and are swiping right on every woman you see in an effort to be open-minded, but you’re not getting matches. Or you’ve had a few good first dates, but keep getting ghosted. What’s going on? Other men, that’s what. Here’s your chance to scope out the 11 kinds of guys you’re vying for eyeballs (among other body parts) with on Tinder — and the reasons why women love them.

Cover Photo: NDStock (Getty Images)

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