Meatless Monday

10 Meat-Free Foods That Will Fool Your Tastebuds Into a Tasty Meatless Monday

The words Meatless Monday strike terror into the heart of every carnivore. Give up meat?! For a whole day?! What kind of crazy diet is that? But vegging out for one day a week is not only good for your health and your waistline, but it’s also beneficial for the planet, too.

Our favorite animals to eat — cows, pigs, and chicken — have to be fed themselves, meaning that we’re growing food to feed our food. Livestock also consumes precious resources like water and their processing creates greenhouse gases. Considering climate change and the precarious future of our earthly home, it seems like sacrificing meat one day a week is the least we can do.

Going vegetarian for 24 hours doesn’t mean giving up flavor, though. We’ve gathered up the tastiest meatless foods that will satisfy you and even have you begging for seconds. (And if not, there’s always Taco Tuesday.)

Cover Photo: knape (Getty Images)


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