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Mandatory Movies: What to Watch When You Despise Your Dead-End Job (Just in Time For Labor Day!)

Hey, we’ve all been there: stuck in a soul-sucking job so awful you want to bang your head against the desk (if you’re lucky enough to have a desk) all day, every day. Your boss has nothing better to do than breathe down your neck. Your co-workers don’t pull their weight. And the receptionist always microwaves fish at lunchtime. The only people you empathize with at work are the custodians, and that’s only because they have a crappier gig than you.

But before you stomp into the top dog’s office and tell him where he can shove this sorry excuse for a job, take a personal day and binge-watch some Mandatory Movies instead. These flicks will remind you that as bad as you have it, your so-called career could be a whole lot worse.

Photo: Deagreez (Getty Images)


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