Ranked! The 15 Most Fabulous British Dramas

We don’t give those who call cookies “biscuits” and watch channels like BBC One, Sky, ITV enough credit. The popularity of British television greatly influences American entertainment; whether it’s The OfficeShameless, or Life on Mars, shows which are remade for a “Yankee” audience (even Three’s Company was inspired by UK “tele”) or British originals that make their way to streaming, America always seems to have its hand in Britain’s biscuit jar. We’ve appropriated shows like Peaky BlindersThe Crown, and Sherlock because they both rival and are superior to entertainment produced or filmed in the states. Let’s face it, what was “Dench” good in the UK yesterday, is fabulous in the U.S. today. Fabulous can mean something extraordinary, wonderful, or mythical, and we’re using all three definitions to list The 15 Most Fabulous British Dramas

Cover Photo: Netflix

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