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Katy Perry Throws Pizza to Fans During Nightclub Appearance (Way to Make Our Teenage Dreams Come True!)

Is there anything better than pizza? We think not. Then again, what about pizza and Katy Perry? OK, now we’re officially in heaven. Some lucky fans in Las Vegas got to combine these two amazing things when the “Roar” singer started slinging ‘za at a nightclub appearance.

Dressed in a hot pink ensemble and jamming out to “In da Getto” by J Balvin and Skrillex, Perry grabbed a massive slice of pizza, slid it onto a paper plate, and flung it into the crowd. The pizza didn’t stick to the plate and eventually fell on the ground (but we’d bet anything that someone ate it anyway).

Videos of the feeding frenzy went viral on social media.

“A mother feeding her children,” the pop star captioned one such clip of the cheesy free-for-all.

Fans started hoping that this pizza-flinging thing would become a Katy Perry concert tradition.

“We’re seeing Katy Perry in concert on Saturday. If she DOESN’T throw pizza at us I’m asking for a refund,” one tweeted.

Others found the moment downright meme-able.

Perry is in Sin City for her Play residency at Resorts World Theatre. She’ll be in town until Oct. 2, so if you’re in the area, be on the lookout for flying pies.

Cover Photo: Twitter


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