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TODAY -- Pictured: Kevin Bacon on Thursday, August 4, 2022 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Kevin Bacon Singing Beyoncé Song With Goats Is Exactly the Kind of Vibe We Need Right Now

Life is tough for a lot of people right now. Just because the Covid pandemic appears to be over (or ignored is more like it) doesn’t mean we all went back to “normal.” What the hell is normal anymore anyway? Many people are struggling to stay afloat financially in the face of inflation and student loan debt, to have healthy relationships despite the internet’s 24/7 temptations, and to pursue happiness without other people trying to tromp all over their dreams. But not Kevin Bacon. Oh, no. The Footloose star is living his best life, and he’s trying to share some of that joy with the rest of us.

The 64-year-old actor recently whipped out his beaten-up, pink acoustic guitar, gathered his goats (nope, not a typo), and belted out a rendition of Beyoncé song “Heated,” just for our entertainment.


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“Hot day, hot song. The goats and I are feeling Heated, @beyonce. Loving this track. #GoatSongs #Renaissance,” Bacon captioned the viral vid.

“Got a lot of bands, got a lot of Ivy on me / I gotta fan myself off, I gotta fan myself off/ I gotta cool it down (heated), oh,” he sang.

Then a goat tried to get its own 15 minutes (make that seconds) of fame by chewing on Bacon’s guitar strings.

“He actually played,” Bacon informed viewers. At the end of the song, he patted and complimented the goat, “You played, that was pretty good.”

Suffice to say, Bacon’s followers ate this performance up.

“I’m just seeing this and LIVING!!!! Yyaaaasss kevin,” actor Quei Tann wrote.

“This was a clip I didn’t know I needed,” someone else commented.

“I would buy this album,” another fan insisted.

Who’s the GOAT now?

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