This Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle With 15 Bottles of Wine is the Best Memorial Day Accessory

There are only two things that give you more serotonin than sex: better sex and warm summer weather (or both, whatever). Now that summer is upon us and Memorial Day is steadfast approaching, you’re going to need a calling card to haul to those BBQs and block parties. Grab this Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle: 15 Bottles of Wine and be the neighborhood hero.

If you’re ready to swap out your boring Memorial Day garbage cocktail with yummy wines, this deal will give you 15 bottles of bougie ass wine for cheaper than your local liquor store would charge (and you can avoid having small talk with insufferable Maxine from fourth grade in the checkout line–you know it’s bound to happen). Ten of the bottles you’ll receive retail for over $20 each (if that’s any indication of cash you’ll pocket).

The big question on everyone’s mind: how? How can a vineyard possibly serve up tasty wines without causing the emotional trauma of having to get off your couch? Just purchase the voucher, redeem the code, select an all-white or all-red bundle, and you can start getting sloshy in your Snuggie faster than you can pop a cork. And, when you do decide to hop out of bed and start hosting people again (sorry introverts, we know that can be triggering), you’ll have a wide selection for your guests to choose from so they don’t feel obligated to drink one or the other.

We can confirm that this will be your new best bet and you’ll order multiple boxed time and time again, but if for whatever reason the wines aren’t what you wanted, you’ll be able to trade them in for brand new ones with a store credit.

Get the Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle: 15 Bottles of Wine for $65 (Reg. $99). Hurry to grab this deal soon, it ends on May 31.

Prices subject to change.