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This CircuitMess Gaming Bundle Will Bring You Way Back to a Time Where Taxes Didn’t Make You Anxious

There was a time when the internet was only a thing your phone did when you pushed the dreaded button of shame (you know the one, former flip phoners). Now, everyone has the world wide web in their pocket and no room for the classics. If you’re craving both nostalgia and a really sick way to learn about graphics and coding, this CircuitMess Gaming Bundle: DIY Game Console and Virtual Pet is right up your sad, sentimental alley. It’s also on sale for $289.99 (reg. $339).

This CircuitMess Gaming Bundle is a great way to jumpstart some sweet projects. This bundle includes two parts: ByteBoi, a do-it-yourself gaming console, and CircuitPet, a pocket pet to take care of just like you would find in the late 20th century (that’s the 1990s, we just didn’t want to make millennials feel old and angry).

ByteBoi is a great way to get the sweet relief you need from a long day at the office. Not only are you enjoying games, puzzles, and adventures on your creation, but you’re also working to animate all of your favorite characters. If you’re looking for more logistical learning, you also get a crash course on things like soldering, microcomputers, microprocessors, and electric components.

Moving on to CircuitPet, which allows you to claim the little digital friend you never knew you needed as an adult (or to share with the kids, but it would be OK if you forgot those tiny little freeloaders). You’ll learn to build and code your own handheld virtual pet, how to use hardware, RTC, microcomputers and other electronic components, and TFT LCD displays. You’ll spend more time trying to keep that bugger alive than your regular, aforementioned children (we’re just kidding, please don’t let your kids do stupid crap).

If coding is your thing, this bundle will offer some awesome tips on how to code your own games, animate characters, and simulate physics. coding in C++ and CircuitBlocks, video game mechanics, and embedding programming.

Get the CircuitMess Gaming Bundle: DIY Game Console and Virtual Pet for $289.99 (reg. $339).

Prices subject to change.


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