Your Productivity Rate Sucks, Keep Your Bosses Off Your Back With This WiredVibe Personalized Music For Focus Subscription

Between scrolling through the latest TikTok of the day and keeping up with typical unhinged news, we’ve all lost not only our sanity but the will to do anything productive. If you need a way to keep focused in a time where everyone has a five-second attention span, we suggest you try out the WiredVibe Personalized Music for Focus: Lifetime Subscription.

As an office full of writers who spend too much time “going for a quick coffee walk,” we can love the WiredVibe Personalized Music for Focus: Lifetime Subscription for getting things moving at our desks. Based on fancy brainwave technology and neuroscience-based visual/sound therapy, all of your work is in one tidy place, ready to get its finishing touches (there are other really scientific key points concerning the cells inside your ears, but we’ll let the program speak for itself).

While other systems of studying may have worked when you were a college kid hopped up on energy drinks, this program outputs success a bit differently. It’s AI-powered and adapts in real time to your needs as a hard-working member of society (or just someone who forgot to finish their expense reports). Using specially-tuned noises and frequency modulation applied directly in each stereo channel, positively impacting brain activity, you’ll start getting down to business in 10 minutes. No need to stress that you’ll run out of brainwave entertainment, you’ll get unlimited tracks access and sound mix-and-match to keep you on your game.

Find out what the folks over at Benzinga and Jumbo News are raving about. Get the WiredVibe Personalized Music for Focus: Lifetime Subscription for $119 (Reg. $900). If you’re looking to be as efficient in other day-to-day tasks, our Your Bundle, Your Way Sale is the perfect way to do it. You can score an additional 30% off the sale price of three or more valid apps, software, and educational tools with code YOURWAY30 and 20% on two or more with code YOURWAY20. Just combine your favorite products in the collection with a purchase of $49 or more and you’re ready for big savings. Act super fast, this deal ends Sept. 5 at 11:59 PM.

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