Watch Out! This $50 Smartwatch Might Give the Apple Watch a Run for Its Money

You’ve probably heard all the buzz surrounding the latest Apple Watches by now. They’re new, flashy, and pack a ton of tech into a device you’ll almost forget you’re wearing. They’re also super pricey, with the Apple Watch Ultra, in particular, setting you back $799.

You might not need all of the Ultra’s features, let alone have deep pockets. So if you’re in the market for an affordable smartwatch that offers tools you might typically find on pricier models, you might want to consider this MagPRO Smartwatch, which is on sale today for $49.99, marked down 66%.

Step aside, Apple! Here’s why this neat wearable can give the new Apple Watch SE and Series 8 a run for their money. For one, the MagPRO’s 42mm OLED touchscreen has a customizable watch face with hundreds of custom backgrounds, so you can pair its style with your outfits, mood, or even the wallpaper on your phone!

But what truly matters is what’s inside, and the MagPRO has a ton to offer! If you’re the sporty type, you can track metrics such as sleep quality, heart rate, steps, blood pressure, and more. These can be total game-changers if you have a fitness goal in mind. The MagPRO even lets you monitor activity for 10 different sports, including jogging, cycling, basketball, soccer, and more.

Couch potatoes might find the MagPRO’s other features useful, too. For instance, it can sync to your phone to deliver message notifications, connect to social media, check the weather forecast, and even control your phone’s camera for hands-free selfies.

The MagPRO is every bit as robust as it looks and performs. The battery provides two days of moderate use and up to 20 days of standby time. The watch is also water- and sweat-proof, so don’t worry about getting it a bit damp in the rain. Finally, putting the MagPRO on is as simple as wrapping the magnetic band on your wrist — no fumbling about with complicated locks and latches.

If the prices for the latest and greatest wearable tech are putting you off, the MagPRO Smartwatch might change your mind. You can purchase one today for just $49.99, down from $150.

Prices subject to change.


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