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This Minimalistic Space Heater Will Defrost Your Cold, Dead Heart

If you associate winter with gloomy gray skies, staticky hair, and dry skin, you most likely loathe this time of year. What kind of person enjoys being cold? We know there are some of you out there and if you’re reading, we have questions. But that’s for another time. However, all the winter hatred isn’t helping and we want to help you get through the low temps so here’s one wholesome fact about this cold-weather season: red squirrels make mushroom jerky to prepare for winter. There are more uplifting facts but that’s not what we’re here to educate you on. We want to talk about another not-so-bad aspect of winter, which is this small but powerful space heater. 

The FARA Classic Heater will make your cold, dreary day a little warmer and a lot cozier. It may be small (measuring 8.5″ H x 6″ L x 5.5″ W), but it can heat up a room up to 215 square feet, which makes it ideal for your bedroom or other modest living space. 

This minimalistic heater uses ceramic heating that expends fast and quiet heating to your room. You don’t have to give up much space as it fits almost anywhere. Place it on your nightstand, side table, desktop, or other area to start heating up that room! It even has a convenient hidden handle so you can easily move it from one room to the other.

With the FARA’s 1200w heating capacity and when using 800w of power (when low power mode is on), your room will stay heated for an extended period of time while using less energy. Aside from its energy-saving features (take that heating costs!), this heater is equipped with tip-over protection, overheat-protection, and is made from flame-retardant materials. So if someone in your home accidentally kicks over the heater or a pet knocks it down, it will shut off completely.

This space heater has a clean look that will easily blend with any type of home decor. Another great quality is its quiet operation. That means no annoying background noise while you’re trying to work, sleep, or read. It even has an app that allows you to control the temperature right from your smartphone. 

Don’t wait for the next deep freeze! Hurry up and get yourself the FARA Classic Heater today while it’s priced at just $99!

Prices subject to change.


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