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This Indoor/Outdoor Smart LED Light Strip Is Just $30 This Week

Few things are as stressful as bringing a date home for the first time. So set the mood right. Clean up the place a little bit, put out a few art pieces to inspire conversation, and — above all else — select a lighting arrangement that’ll create the right atmosphere. Not sure what that is? Then we’ve got you covered with this 65.5ft Smart LED light strip.

This light strip is just the ticket for when you need to alter your home’s illumination to fit the occasion. It has the ability to light up in over 16 million different colors, so you can brighten your room in soft white for everyday use and switch to something like red, blue, or even chartreuse (whatever that is) depending on what you or your guests like.

Even more than that, it has 30 pre-programmed dynamic modes and you can sync it up with your music too, which means you can turn your room into a veritable light show. It’s compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit, features voice controls, and you can use them both indoors and out. 

Having friends over for a quiet movie night? Set the lights on low, maybe with an orange hue like the kind you’d find at a movie theater. Got a game room? Make it look like a video arcade from the ’80s. Or, if you’re hosting a party, you can kick the occasion into overdrive just by changing your settings. And since the light strip is over 65 feet long, you’ll have ample length to go around most rooms.

Interior lighting is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when choosing your home’s decor. So doesn’t it make sense to choose something that can be changed on the fly? We think so too. This is why this 65.6ft smart LED light strip is a great buy, especially as it’s on sale this week for just $29.99. Or, if that isn’t quite your style, then check out these other home lighting ideas which are also on sale.

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