6 Ways Monkeypox Is a Better Plague Than Covid

So just when we thought 2020 was the year of massively insane chaos and weirdness, 2022 was all like “hold my beer.” From skyrocketing inflation and plummeting stocks to record-high gas prices and brutal war in Ukraine, we’re also still living with the remnants of Covid and, worse yet, have a new plague to contend with. We’re referring to that hilariously sounding disease called monkeypox.

Although not anywhere on par with  Covid-19 in terms of community spread and the possibility of death, it’s still a lingering threat. So far, the outbreak is being contained — but what worries many epidemiologists is what happens next despite the fact that only one case of the virus has so far been identified in the U.S. But if we’ve learned anything from Covid-19, it’s probably not best to underestimate a fatal and contagious disease — like, say, calling it a hoax.

Even though monkeypox has a typical pattern of spread in central and western Africa, where people are mainly infected by animals like wild rodents and primates, and outbreaks have not spilled across borders, the disease is affecting western countries much differently. It seems the disease is spread more quickly when one comes in close sexual contact with another who has it. So yeah, it’s basically no different than most common STIs, which will just add even more red flags to your Tinder matches.

But in reality, monkeypox is still better than Covid. Here’s why.

Cover Photo: Sabina Falsini / EyeEm (Getty Images)


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