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Vacationer’s Tweet Ignites Debate About Whether Vacations Are For Being Healthy or ‘Drinking Alcohol and Eating Garbage’ (Which Side Are You On?)

What is the purpose of vacations? Is it to relax and indulge, or to jumpstart those healthy New Year’s resolutions you still haven’t gotten around to yet? One vacationer’s tweet started a firestorm on social media last week regarding these questions, and the internet is deeply divided.

Daisey Miller (@lilplantmami) wrote: “we’re not drinking alcohol & eating garbage on vacation. we’re waking up at 5am for sunrise beach yoga, drinking fresh juice & eating fruit for 2 weeks” about her upcoming vacay.

The holier-than-thou humble-brag quickly went viral, with people weighing in on either the pro-health side or the pro-hedonism side of vacations. (We say the most shocking part is that this was her honeymoon she was talking about!)

Suffice to say, those who like an adult beverage (or 10) while on vacation seemed to outweigh those who wanted to use an alarm clock and lose a few pounds on vacation.

“If I don’t have a pina colada in my hand by 8 am, I don’t want it,” one woman wrote.

“I never understood people who drink constantly on vacation. You paid hundreds to fly somewhere and once you get there you do something you could have done at home?” one guy asked.

“Buddy,, have you ever gotten drunk in a new city? It’s a blast. I can’t climb up the Statue of Liberty drunk at home,” another dude informed him.

Unfortunately, these were the tamer of the tweet responses. Miller reported being on the receiving end “24+ hrs of constant hate and slander.”

“The response to my tweet was honestly so surprising to me,” Miller told TODAY Food. “I was met with so many angry people calling me names, making fun, and threatening me.”

No matter what kind of vacation you like, we can all agree that every vacation should be social media-free.

Cover Photo: Giuseppe Elio Cammarata (Getty Images)