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Mandatory Guide To 420: The Cannabis Industry’s Finest Flower & More – For the Dopest Day Ever

Today, we’re rolling up an extra fat one in your honor. Welcome to the Mandatory Guide to 420, where we’ll explore the dankest, funkiest, and most mind-blowing offerings for you to consider on the one holiday each year we don’t forget to remember. 

If you are looking for something fresh to roll up for 420, keep reading, it’s about to get lit!

Rythm Queen Cola

Bow down to the monarch of marijuana! Because Rythm is proclaiming that bigger IS better with their limited 420 release of the Queen Cola. The “Cola” refers to the crowning glory of the cannabis plant. This is where the juiciest and most potent buds come together for an unforgettable high. 

This 420-limited drop is packed with a whopping 14 grams of green royalty in one awe-inspiring package. Prepare to be amazed by this absolute behemoth of bud – the most visually stunning cannabis product you’ve ever witnessed.

With zesty grapefruit undertones, it’s an unforgettable taste sensation. And don’t worry, you can puff like a pro; the smoke is crisp and smooth, leaving you cough-free, except for those who dare to take the mightiest of drags.

Jetty Solventless Vape

Jetty Solventless Vape is practically perfect in every way. It’s cleaner than your buddy’s bachelor pad, more potent than your gym rat friend’s protein shake, and as tasty as your mom’s secret chili recipe. This wondrous vape experience uses ice, water, heat, and pressure in its mad-scientist extraction process.

These dope extracts come from sun-kissed cannabis harvested at its peak freshness. The buds are then flash-frozen faster than you can say “pass the Doritos”. This freezing sorcery locks in the terpenes and cannabinoids, the magical molecules behind those sweet flavors and groovy effects. Your soon-to-be best buds then take an icy plunge, where they’re gently stirred to shake off the THC-packed trichomes.

After filtering and collecting these precious trichome heads, the Cold Water Hash is dried and hand-pressed, keeping the full cannabinoid spectrum intact. With an extra filtration step, this bad boy boasts a THC potency that skyrockets to 80-85% while keeping the terpenes and plant compounds in check. 

Presidential’s PeeWee Moon Rock Prerolls

Honey I shrunk my prerolls! Presidential Cannabis Co. have given their legendary Moon Rock product line the shrink-ray treatment, creating ‘peewee’ sized pre-rolls and blunts the cannabis-loving crew who can’t get enough of mini masterpieces.

These tiny titans are loaded with Presidential’s signature estate-grown flower. Each pre-roll is further infused with top-shelf THC distillate, and coated in primo kief for good measure. Ideal for lone wolf sessions, PeeWee Prerolls rock packs of three 0.5g prerolls, nestled in natural hemp paper cones.

PeeWee Blunts also rolls in threes, sporting 0.7g blunts wrapped in 100% tobacco-free wraps for a chill, smooth burn. 

Sackville Signature Grinder

Gone are the days of using those lame, beat-up, shameful excuses for grinders. Embrace the future with this radiant silver, 4-tier masterpiece that’s here to elevate your grinding game.

With diamond-sharp teeth, a fine mesh kief screen, and a kief catcher complete with a dapper little shovel, the Silver Signature Grinder is the sleek and sophisticated upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

It’s the platinum edition of a timeless stoner staple that effortlessly transforms your herb into a fluffy work of art. So, ditch the grinder that haunts your memories, and embrace the future with this shiny bad boy that’s ready to crush any cannabis challenge in style. After all, you’re worth it, and so is your medical-grade herb.

Beboe Inspired Vape

The Beboe Inspired Vape, is a stylish creation by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell. This snazzy-looking vape pen is designed for those who crave a high-spirited cannabis experience with a touch of class. Just as you’ve heard of social drinkers, Beboe is all about social-dosing cannabis. The Inspired Vape Pen your perfect companion for late afternoon get-togethers or before-Brunch wake and bakes.

With social-dosing at its core, Beboe products offer a swanky cannabis experience that enhances your day without cramping your style. Beyond its good looks, the Beboe Inspired Vape delivers a powerful hit, thanks to its cutting-edge vaporizer technology. The high CBG content works harmoniously with THC, providing a clear-headed experience akin to CBD/THC products but with an extra touch of mental clarity to keep you on your game on 420.

Landrace Origins Coffee

Landrace Origins Coffee, cooked up by the unstoppable Amber Senter, is on a mission to shake up the cannabis world while championing inclusivity for Black and queer entrepreneurs. And they’ve got something truly wild in store for you.

What’s the secret ingredient, you ask? A downright bonkers blend of specialty coffee and small-batch craft flower, expertly paired like an irresistible power couple. This dynamic duo is about to make your mornings taste like dreams come true.

This flavor explosion is also entirely woman-grown. The sassy Durban Poison comes courtesy of the woman-owned Ghost Dance Ranch, while the seductive Congolese coffee is the pride and joy of the fierce femmes at Rebuild Women’s Hope, a woman-led co-op in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So dive into this mouthwatering masterpiece and show some love for these amazing ladies.

Puffco Proxy Wizard Flower Bundle

Abracadabra, and behold the Puffco Proxy Wizard Base and Flower Bowl Bundle, the most enchanting piece of equipment you’ll ever whip out at a session. This mystical combo will have your friends in awe as they witness you conjure up your inner cannabis wizardry.

The Puffco Proxy is more than just a pretty pipe. This magical device fuses herbal tradition with innovation, offering a sleek, ergonomic glass pipe that cradles the Proxy’s one-of-a-kind removable base. With the option to customize your experience using an array of compatible Puffco accessories and third-party artist glass, the Proxy is the perfect centerpiece for your circle.

The true wizardry of the Proxy lies in its cutting-edge 3D Chamber technology, featuring four precision heated temperature settings. Prepare to bewitch your fellow herbalists as you plop in the glass bowl and have a magical and memorable smoke session on 420.

Place Vendôme by Devambez

Upgrade your pre-roll experience with the swanky Place Vendôme by Devambez, because who said the art of rolling and smoking couldn’t be fancy? This luxurious set will turn your smoke sessions into memorable events, just like a picnic basket overflowing with the most scrumptious delicacies, hand-picked for you and your best buds.

Taking inspiration from the chic Parisian square where Devambez calls home, the Place Vendôme has everything you need to impress your pals and add a touch of class to your gatherings. Inside, you’ll find eleven artisan-crafted pre-rolled cones made from organic hemp, two booklets of posh Italian poplar wood matches, and a 24k gold-plated tamper – because, let’s be real, packing your flower with anything less than gold is just so last year.

Housed in a sleek, dark blue handmade box that flaunts a crocodile texture, the Place Vendôme isn’t just a cannabis accessory, it’s a treasure chest for your most prized keepsakes. So, why not spoil yourself or a special someone this 420 with this sophisticated set. Let it be your golden ticket to hosting the ultimate smoke-filled soirées.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

Ready to step up your homegrown high game? Well, green thumbs and pot enthusiasts alike, Vivosun is about to bring your gardening skills to new ahem heights! Forget about that makeshift coffee can and fluorescent light closet situation. It’s time to let Vivosun work its magic and help you grow like a pro.

Enter the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System, featuring the GrowHub Controller and App, along with the AeroLight LED grow light. Meet your new secret weapons in the world of indoor gardening. The AeroLight is the world’s first 100W LED grow light with integrated air circulation. By providing stellar airflow and a balanced environment for your precious plants, we’ve become instant fans – pun intended.

Meanwhile, the GrowHub serves as the brains of the operation. The hub controls all your grow tent equipment and keeping things running smoothly. Plus, the Vivosun App lets you manage multiple grow devices and track essential data. Your plants will thrive, and your stress levels will plummet – and isn’t that the ultimate high?


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