March Madness Cocktails
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Drink Yourself Into Pure (March) Madness With These Sporty Cocktails

Photo: Cavan Images (Getty Images)

We love that people associate spring and flowers with madness.

March Madness, the annual showdown for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, is your chance to watch wall-to-wall basketball for days on end. When else can you gorge on deep-fried food and binge basketball matchups until your eyes fall out. Who’s your heavy favorite for the year? Is it Gonzaga? It’s Gonzaga, isn’t it!

While you have your eyes glued to the buzzer beaters, diaper dandies, and inevitable upsets, you’re going to want something tasty to drink. You could grab an athlete’s beer. But if start gambling your life savings away for the underdog and come up short, you’re going to want to reach for something a little harder.

That’s where these cocktails come into play.

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