Happy bachelor basting stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving dinner at home.

The Mandatory Thanksgiving Hosting Guide to Cooking Your First Bird (And Everything That Will Go Wrong Along the Way)

Welcome, turkey newbies, to your first bird-cooking experience! Whether you’re just at that age where it’s time to take up the mantle of hosting Thanksgiving or you’ve been thrown into the role because of a changing of the guard, now’s the time to show your stuff — and stuff that bird (or rather, don’t, but we’ll get to that).

Cooking a turkey is an epic feat, one to which you’ll need to dedicate hours, if not days. Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunities for mishaps. But with a little planning and a little courage, you might get through this milestone culinary endeavor in-tact. This is the Mandatory Thanksgiving guide to cooking your first bird (and everything that will go wrong along the way)!

Cover Photo: skynesher (Getty Images)


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