The Mandatory Dating Guide For People Who Start Every Relationship From Their Phone

Dating has become exactly like ordering delivery. Why leave the house and brave the neighborhood when you can just scroll through a bunch of options until one jumps out at you? Because meeting people IRL is not easy, in fact, it mostly blows.

Good thing we can start every relationship from our phones, using little more than a few well-placed memes to flirt our way to stardom. But kickstarting every relationship this way comes with its own share of hazards. For starters, it takes some of the gravitas out of the process of finding a companion. Like, is reducing your love life to a database of personal ads that we judgmentally scroll through during marathon bathroom breaks and lulls in our evening binge the best launchpad for a meaningful relationship?

Then there’s the problem of chemistry, which is impossible to predict until you actually put down your phone and link up in person. Meanwhile, the whole dating scene is rife with hidden pitfalls. For those who want to make a real connection, a rollercoaster of lukewarm dates is not as great as it sounds.

Luckily, there’s a super-easy way to handle the ups and downs of modern dating. With billions of people out there looking for love, your heart’s desire is only a click away. Let us guide you to the jackpot of love.

Cover Photo: Carol Yepes (Getty Images)