Researchers Taught AI to Review Beer and Wine, And We’re Out of Business

Photo:  Johner Images (Getty Images)

Usually, food and drink writers don’t report on the news. The news doesn’t dramatically affect us and our potential future employment. That’s why we were so bummed when we heard researchers were wasting their valuable time trying to take away our jobs. Specifically, the part of our job where we taste and review alcohol like beer and wine. You know, also known as the most fun part of our job.

Still, researchers at Dartmouth obviously don’t care that the only reason to get a degree in journalism is so you can sample beer, wine, and spirits and get paid for it. That’s because they created an artificial intelligence algorithm that can write its own beer and wine reviews without even drinking anything. Fingers crossed they don’t get into whiskey.

First reported by Scientific American, the researchers took more than 125,000 reviews from ‘Wine Enthusiast’ magazine and used them to train AI to write wine reviews. They did the same thing with 140,000 reviews from RateBeer. Along with the name of the brewery or winery, its ABV, and the price, the AI learned to write from the reviews so it could create its own.

While their reviews ended up being indistinguishable from the ones created by human counterparts, we can rest easy knowing that, since they didn’t even actually get to taste the wines and beers and are only going off of humans’ reviews, we still have a job for the time being. But for how long we don’t know. Bots like these are why we can’t have nice things.