Hard Seltzer Made With Real Holy Water Says You’ve Got the Lord in You, Ya Drunk

Photo: MSCHF

To say that hard seltzer has taken the hard alcohol world by storm in the last few years is a major understatement. While regular seltzer water has been available for years, it wasn’t until the likes of White Claw, Bon & Viv, and Truly added alcohol that the world actually started paying attention to this fizzy, flavored beverage.

Now, regardless of what strange flavor you enjoy, you can find it in hard seltzer form. If, for some reason you want to drink pumpkin pie-flavored hard seltzer? There are multiple on the market waiting to be guzzled down by you. How about dill pickle? Yes, it really does exist. But what about hard seltzer made with holy water? Well, that’s heavenly fiction, right? Actually, it isn’t.

This is thanks to MSCHF, the same American art collective that once made sneakers containing blood from Lil Nas X, a bong made from a rubber chicken, a body spray called Axe No 5 that was part Axe Body Spray and part Chanel No. 5, and even sandals from ridiculously expensive Birkin bags that they called Birkinstocks. The collective is all about making mischief (hence the name) through art. Its newest product is called Sacred Seltzer and it’s literally a hard seltzer made from holy water.

Instead of spring water from the Alps or New York City tap water, Sacred Seltzer is made up of 95% holy water. According to the art collective’s website, the holy water was “blessed according to official Catholic procedure on March 31, 2022, in LA County, CA.”

But it’s not just the holiest of all holy seltzers, it’s also hard, containing 5% alcohol. On top of that, it comes in three different flavors: Cherry, Lime, and Mango.

If the thought of drinking a hard seltzer made with holy water sounds good to you, you can purchase these blessed cans at MSCHF’s websites for $24 for a six-pack. Just don’t expect it to show up at communion anytime soon.