April Roomet: From humble beginnings to dressing hip-hop’s elite

If you were under the impression that everyone in Hollywood, everyone in Los Angeles, everyone who holds the job title of “celebrity stylist” is simply entitled or somehow related to a superstar, you would be sorely mistaken. It can be a fairly common misconception – after all, if a relative or significant other is a powerhouse on the big screen, your natural inclination would be to work along side them, or in tandem with their peers. And it is all about who you know. So goes the assumption that the celebrity stylists working with the big stars didn’t get there by merit, but by friends in high places. That’s not the case. Not for April Roomet.

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At a young age Roomet started modeling. She began traveling to New York to further her young career. To attend go-sees and visit agencies, Roomet needed to stand out in the crowd, so her first styling gig was really for herself. In New York she started dating a guy, and as relationships and youth take our lives in unexpected directions, her boyfriend wanted to move out west, and on a whim, she went. Her modeling career naturally turned into time on the silver screen, working as an extra on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. But what continued to stand out about Roomet was her style, and she began refining that skill.

Roomet’s big break(s) came working with some pretty well-known names in hip-hop, namely Dr. Dre, Eminem and Snoop Dog. Sounding almost surprised at what was undeniable success, Roomet reflects, “I think I’m really doing this. This is like a career.” Its easy to understand why she’d have have to pinch herself – she’d gone from living in the self-described hood of West Philadelphia to working alongside rap moguls.

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Looking back, it makes sense that Roomet ultimately evolved into working with musicians. After all, music had always been her biggest influence; her father was in a band, and she spent time as a kid as a mini-roadie. “I’m inspired by what they give us,” she says, humbly indicating that her success has come from the beats and verses that are streaming through all of our headphones and speakers.

Not appearing to be a day over 30, it’s hard to believe that Roomet has been in the incredibly difficult and competitive industry of, not only fashion, but also Hollywood, for over 20 years. Or that she’s called Snoop Dog a client for 15. Or that she has a 16 year old son who has become her new inspiration to push the envelope, do amazing work, and own an incredible reputation for her talent and abilities.

Roomet’s demeanor conveys a laid back confidence, but she struggles to fight back a teary eye when speaking of a friend who showed his respect for her craft. She says, “It made me really be like, ‘I’m here. Who said I could be here? I did.”