Exclusive Preview | ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ Season 3 Episode 10

At long last, Turn: Washington’s Spies has reached the point of no return for Owain Yeoman’s Benedict Arnold! 

If the real Arnold had managed to turn over West Point to British control, the tide of the Revolutionary War could have turned the other way. But instead, Arnold’s treachery was discovered and his name became synonymous with “traitor” in this country.

 Within the world of the show, it was the capture of Major John André (JJ Feild) that led to the downfall of the plot and fully exposed Arnold’s intentions shortly before General Washington himself planned to offer Arnold a command. But this is far from a total victory for the Rebels. Abraham Woodhull (Jamie Bell) has been arrested by Captain Simcoe (Samuel Roukin), who seems quite eager to have him executed.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview scene from tonight’s episode of Turn: Washington’s Spies, the Culper ring itself comes under intense scrutiny from the Rebels as they attempt to decide how to proceed. But time is running out for Abe…

Here’s the description of the new episode of Turn from AMC.

“On the season three finale, “Trial and Execution” – written by Craig Silverstein and directed by Andrew McCarthy – there is an inevitable march to the gallows for the captured spies on both sides. Benedict Arnold demands [glorious] revenge.”

The season finale of Turn: Washington’s Spies will air tonight at 10pm PST and EST on AMC.

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Photo Credit: AMC