Enjoy Some of That Smooth Drum and Bass With This CircuitMess Music Bundle: Synth and DJ Mixer

If there’s anything that can make this pitiful globe move a little smoother, it’s music. Besides math (which, ew), music is the only thing every country has in common. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to find a fresh beat. Make this the year you jump in with the assist on the sound using this CircuitMess Music Bundle: Synth and DJ Mixer.

If you’re ready to get some untz untz untz going, this set is your new favorite toy. Included in this bundle are a Jay-D: Mini Mixer and Synthia: DIY Digital Music Sampler, which both have a ton of exciting parts, so let’s get to it.

The Jay-D: Mini Mixer is a great addition to any future EDM star’s collection. With the ability to play multiple music files simultaneously, add in a fade between tunes, and keep full control of the BPM, you’re on the right track to stardom right from your living room (an unintentional music pun, but we’ll take it). You also are able to add equalizers, load new songs on the included SD card, design sick light shows to go with your music, and code new apps and functions for the implemented microcontroller. If you need some inspo, there is also royalty-free music included.

In terms of your Synthia use, it’s the peanut butter to Jay-D’s jelly. More than just a synthesizer, you’ll be able to combine the function of a sampler, drum machine, sequencer, and synthesizer all in one tiny but powerful compartment. When you want to go more autonomous with your sounds, you can record your own samples into the system by using the built-in MEMS microphone. We’re ready to see you at the next EDC with all the bells and whistles, even if you’re still just on the listening end (which is probably more fun post-COVID anyway).

Find out why the folks over at Trustpilot gave this baby over four stars. Get the CircuitMess Music Bundle: Synth and DJ Mixer for $209.99 (Reg. $239).

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