Meanwhile in Nudity: Drunk Streaker Caught Running Wild at Airport Thankfully Filmed From Behind

Getting through security at the airport can be a real drag. You have to take off your shoes, your belt, and your jewelry. Sometimes you have to get patted down by an angry-looking dude in an intimidating uniform if something on your person sets off the alarm bells.

It would be so much easier if you could go through the airport metal detector naked. Just kidding. Nobody wants to do that – and nobody wants to see anyone else do that. Perhaps that’s why one streaker in Kazakhstan decided to skip the whole security protocol and run naked through the airfield instead.

A 25-year-old man was apparently drunk when he stripped off his clothes and scaled a giant mental gate at an airport in Kazakhstan. He then ran across the tarmac, his private parts presumably flapping in the wind, as someone caught all this nonsense on video, which the New York Post has shared on its site (and, sadly, won’t let us embed).

In the video, the birthday-suited boy is seen delicately trespassing over the very sharp metal enclosure (our balls hurt just watching this part) before landing barefoot on the tarmac. At first, he casually walks by the planes, but at one point, he takes off running and doesn’t stop.

Though we don’t see it in the video, reports say that eventually, he was apprehended by security. He has since been charged with public intoxication, petty hooliganism and illegally entering the international airport. We don’t know what will become of him, but we’re pretty sure he won’t see the inside of an airport, much less a plane, for a very long time.

We’re just grateful the video was shot entirely from behind. Like we said before, nobody wants to see drunk dudes like this naked, especially while running. This clip gives “airstrip” a whole new meaning.

Photos: New York Post


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